Rolling shutters

At Dubai Horizon International, we deal in some of the best in class rolling shutters suitable for domestic and commercial uses. These doors are made from strong metal or fiber glass, which gives it a sturdy demeanor, thus improving security.

These doors are also proficient enough to endure rain, sun and dust, with minimal maintenance. The doors have ample protective coatings and paints to help retain the structural integrity of the doors with ease. The moving mechanisms are sheltered from the external influences, which ensures that the opening and closing of the door is not hampered even if it isn’t’ being used regularly.

Our wide range of doors are extremely user friendly and have an intuitive design to open and close. They are also fitted with stylish and sturdy handles as well, to improve functionality.

Our wide range of doors are not just sturdy, but also stylish to look at. Our customized rolling shutters will help enhances the visual appeal of your homes and commercial establishments.
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