Manhole Covers

Manhole Covers are with anti-skid surface that aids in preventing accidents related to slipping. Further, the fire retardant and thermally insulated finish of these manhole covers also provide for durable and lasting usage.

Manholes are among the most important aspects of any large scale construction projects. These covers securely contain the sewage passages that feeds to and from the building facility. They are the access points to the sewage lines, which makes it easy to find and fix any blockages and other troubleshooting in the sewage lines. Owing to their location and use, these covers ought to be robust in nature and they should also be able to withstand heavy foot traffic, vehicular traffic and weather elements.
We deal in world class manhole covers that are suitable for domestic and commercial uses in Bahrain. All our manhole covers are tested to ensure quality and reliability for long term use. All our products are procured from some of the leading manufacturers from across the globe, which assures optimal quality.

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