Home Automation

Home Automation includes strong, powerful and high quality Swing Gate Operators, Sliding Doors, etc. with automatic control systems which gives a long term reliability. Top-quality control systems designed for external installation and with no need of periodic maintenance are the basis for the success of our products.

Home automation systems offer an added sense of comfort and security to your home. At Dubai Horizon International, we specialize in customized home automation equipment and products that is sure to improve your quality of life at home.

What if you owned a system that makes your house that reminds to lock itself at 10 pm? Sounds exciting right. Similarly, what if you owned a home theater system that takes care of lights, sound and picture with just one touch. Life is always better with a little control. Our system helps you make everything work the way you want it to. Our Home Automation system in Bahrain with one-touch control can help you save energy in an effortless way. You will get a total control over every light in the house, from wherever in the house, even from across the room. You can control a lot of things including lighting in the house through a keypad or a touch screen of your mobile phone.
A system like this can give a peace of mind, as it helps you know what is happening at home even when you are away.
You can control all your home systems from lights to locks. This way you are making your home automatically more secure, even when you’re not there. This system can also be extended to automate your temperature of your room, along with audio & visual control. Our solutions of Home Automation system in Bahrain will integrate well with your existing infrastructure. This enables better communication between the existing devices in your place irrespective of the different brands or manufacturers of the device. A properly automated system in the house gives you good amount of control with ease, control and confidence and also makes a good impression among guests. You can customize the automation setup of each room with a touch of a button. We manufacture the best reliable, efficient Home Automation System in Bahrain, at Competitive prices, backed by good service. Ask for a quote or Ask for a demo.

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